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Personal injury cases can be very complex. This is especially true when previous instances of a particular claim doesn’t exist. This is what has kept a Colorado personal injury claim between a hotel and an injured woman in and out of court for nearly eight years. The difficult nature of this case makes our personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs believe it could still go on for much longer.

The story goes all the way back to 2007. A group of friends were having a night out on the town and, anticipating drinking, reserved a hotel room at a local establishment. Once the bars closed, the friends returned to their room, but being a noisy group soon got them booted from the hotel by security.

The group didn’t want to wait outside in the near-freezing temperatures and asked to be allowed to wait in the lobby until a cab arrived. Their request was vehemently denied. So the group of friends, still heavily intoxicated, got into a car and tried to make it home. It wasn’t long until the worst happened. The driver smashed into a slow-moving vehicle, leaving the owner of the car in a coma and taking the life of another passenger.

A claim was soon filed against the hotel believing they had a ‘duty of care’ that had been breached. After a lengthy appeals process, a judge finally agreed that hotels have a duty to evict guests in a ‘reasonable manner’ and ‘ejecting a guest into foreseeably dangerous circumstances’ wouldn’t be reasonable. Now it’s up to a jury to decide who will be held responsible for the negligence.

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