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With warm weather finally arriving in Southern Colorado, it’s the time of year where people dust off their motorcycles and hit the road. No mode of transportation offers the same feeling of freedom as a motorcycle, but as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that freedom leads some riders to feel a sense of invincibility. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The state lost a brave Service member last month due to a simple act of carelessness. A soldier from Fort Carson was riding with a group of friends along Interstate 25 when they suddenly came upon some slow traffic. One rider veered out of the way to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front of him. He crossed the median where he ended up traveling head-first into oncoming traffic. The motorcycle collided with a pickup truck and the young soldier lost his life. The driver of the pickup wasn’t cited, but his life will be forever altered.

It’s believed that the rider was traveling nearly 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. That type of speed would have made it nearly impossible to stop in time to avoid a sudden change in the flow of traffic.

Unfortunately, instances like this aren’t that uncommon in our state. The maneuverability and acceleration power of a motorcycle can lead riders to take chances they never would in a larger vehicle. Not only does this increase the chance of an accident, but the lack of protection offered by a motorcycle means the likelihood of serious injury or death is that much greater. We want you to enjoy riding your motorcycle, but we just want you to be careful and look out for yourself.

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