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On the night of Wednesday, May 20, Erin Lanosga, a friend, and her younger brother Ryan were driving through Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs when she tragically lost control of the car. During the ensuing crash, 16 year old Ryan, who had not worn a seat belt, was thrown from the car and died on scene. Erin’s friend Jake Lepak who was driving behind the car and witnessed the accident remembers, “My friend was behind them in a car and tried to push the car off of him. They couldn’t get it done. He was there…Everyone is still shaken up obviously.”

The tragedy has rippled through the Colorado State area. Ryan’s friends gathered to mourn his loss at the local Coronado State High School. Friends say Ryan “‘always had a smile on his face’ and “‘had a sense of style,’ often wearing ‘fresh shoes’ and a ‘nice hat’.”

According to local news, Ryan’s sister Erin has been charged with DUI, vehicular assault, and careless driving. Her friend Jake found the accident a stark reminder of the need for safe driving among teens. As he explains, “Seat belts save lives. That’s why the other two passengers in the car are alive and Ryan isn’t…I’ll never let anyone I care about drink or drive again. And wear your seat belt…And don’t drive fast…take care of each other.”

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