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You could spend your whole life becoming an expert. You could practice every day. You could take every precaution, but you could still be involved in a serious accident. Seasoned motorcycle riders may have experience on their side, but as Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers, we know that no rider is completely safe from the possibility of a wreck.

Just last week, a veteran motorcycle racer was killed while practicing for an annual hill climb. The hill climb itself is dangerous, but the preparation can be just as hazardous. Apparently the rider went over a sheer cliff face while doing a 3-mile practice run. He fell to his death, casting a dark shadow on the upcoming race.

It’s not even the first time tragedy has struck the annual hill climb. Just last year another rider fell to his death while participating in the event. The plan is to have the climb continue as scheduled, but it has raised some concerns over road conditions.

In the area of last week’s fatal crash, riders had been complaining of dangerous conditions. According to one racer there are rough patches when approaching the summit. “It has created pretty much a jump. It would be easy to understand in that corner that if you were pushing the limits it would unbalance the vehicle and unfortunately result in what has happened.”

Hopefully any issues with the course will be fixed quickly. That’s two years in a row with similar tragedies so it’s time that something is done. No families should be left without a loved one because of something that can be avoided.

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Not all accidents are caused by nature. Unfortunately, many are caused by negligence. It’s in these times that you’ll want the help of experienced attorneys who can fight to get you the financial compensation you need to get your life back on track. Heuser & Heuser will be there to fight on your side when you’ve suffered from the carelessness of others.