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The scene at a Colorado Springs motel was chaotic over the weekend. Firefighters and rescue workers raced to the business where a major fire had broken out. The out-of-control blaze injured several people and even took a life. For wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs, one of the most troubling things about this fire is that it’s not known how it started and the circumstances around it seem suspicious.

The fire broke out in the morning hours last Saturday. Most guests were able to flee the burning building without injury. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for everyone. At least one family was trapped in or near the motel room where the fire started. In the blaze a young girl lost her life and a mother and her two boys were critically injured.

A survivor of the fire details the chaos, “[The smoke] was too thick to breathe. I had to crawl and I got as far as I could. I was maybe four feet past the door, that’s when the hair on my arm started to singe and the TV exploded on top of me.”

It was once this survivor made it out that he says he noticed a suspicious man on the scene. “There was one individual that kind of weirded me out. He kept saying that there’s four other people in there other than himself, but he wasn’t moving wasn’t crying he kept wanting a cigarette or a light.”

Only after a long investigation will the source of the fire be found. At least one person of interest is being questioned, but there hasn’t been any word if there was foul play involved. If there was, someone has to answer for these terrible crimes.

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