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Authorities suspect that alleged drowsy driving caused a rollover crash along Interstate 25 on Monday, June 29. According to a Colorado State Patrol press release, reports of the accident came in at approximately 5:30 a.m. The crash happened near mile marker 130, approximately six miles south of Colorado Springs.

Vehicle Swerves Left, Then Right

A 2011 Toyota Yaris was southbound when the vehicle swerved off the road to the left. Investigators believe that the driver over-corrected, throwing the vehicle into a counterclockwise spin. It returned to traffic lanes before going off the road to the right. The car then went airborne and rolled over before striking a concrete culvert. The Yaris eventually came to rest on its roof, according to the CSP.

One Injured, One Killed

The 25-year-old male motorist was wearing a seat belt, but he did not survive. His 21-year-old female passenger was not wearing a seat belt. She sustained serious injuries, so emergency personnel took her to Memorial Central Hospital in Colorado Springs, according to the Gazette. There was no immediate update available from the hospital.

Investigators do not suspect alcohol or drug involvement in the wreck, but they do believe that drowsiness may have been a contributing factor.

Although the investigation into this incident is ongoing, it is possible for people injured in traffic accidents to seek compensation under certain circumstances. When it is reasonable to assert that negligent conduct contributed to a crash, it is possible to seek monetary damages for medical expenses, pain-and-suffering and lost wages. Drowsy driving constitutes negligent conduct in some cases.

Litigation is often resolved without the need for a trial. If you or a family member suffers injury in a crash, it is possible to speak with Colorado Springs car accident attorneys about the matter. Our firm offers this consultation without any cost to you. To learn more, please contact us.