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The recent flooding in our area acted as a reminder of the importance of safe driving practice. While it is best to avoid driving on flooded roadways, sometimes flash floods catch a person unaware. When this is the case, sometimes you will have to drive simply to get to some place which is safe. If that is the case, consider these three tips by Ready, a public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to help people prepare for disasters.

  • Be aware of weather conditions. If flash flooding is likely to happen, move to higher ground. If you are at work or otherwise away from home, unless weather conditions are still safe, do not attempt to drive home. This could just cause trouble for yourself as well as others who might be on the road.
  • Do not drive in flooded areas. Waters do not need to reach the level they reached during our recent flash flooding to be dangerous. Swift moving water can carry you and your car away and into a dangerous situation. Even just a few inches of water can cause your vehicle to hydroplane, creating a situation where you may crash into other vehicles, trees, or other objects, which may cause damage to your vehicle and any occupants.
  • If water is rising, abandon your vehicle. If water is moving swiftly, you will want to stay in your vehicle, but if the water is just starting to rise, get out of your vehicle as soon as possible, and seek higher ground. It is better for your vehicle to be swept away without you in it. Water levels can rise quickly, giving you little time to exit your vehicle before they become dangerous.

Even after road conditions are safer, make sure you continue to drive carefully, particularly on roadways which may still be slick. If you do get in an accident because of someone else’s bad driving during severe weather conditions, contact us. Our Colorado Springs auto accident lawyers will work to get you the money you deserve for your injuries and other pain involved with the wreck.