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As a driver, it’s your responsibility to keep your passengers and other drivers safe while on the road. Often overlooked, the condition of your vehicle’s tires, if dangerous or defective, can increase the likelihood of causing an accident.

Keeping your tires properly maintained plays an important role in staying safe on the road. Wear and tear, under-inflation, balding tires and aging are the main causes of a blowout, which could cause an accident. It’s important to check your tires continuously to make sure they’re in a safe condition.

What You Can Do

  • Check the pressure in each tire monthly. Cooler temperatures decrease tire pressure making it important to check them more often when the weather turns colder.
  • Continuously check your tires for deflation. Tires that are deflating can make a vehicle difficult to control.
  • Balding tires make it easy to slip and slide in the rain or in winter weather. Check the tire tread depth on each tire every four months.  If a tire has a tread depth of 2/32″ or less, it’s time to replace the tire.  A good way to check tread depth is to insert a penny upside down in the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, you should replace the tire.
  • Rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.
  • Inspect your tires monthly for any damage, including cuts, nicks, cracks, scrapes, bulges or objects stuck in between the tread. A tire that has to be repaired is more likely to blow, causing an accident.
  • Heat and age causes wear on your tires.  Most tire manufacturers recommend that you replace your tires every 6 – 10 years.

Unsafe tires are a contributing factor in many motor vehicle accidents. Keep yourself and others on the road safe by keeping your tires properly maintained.

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