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At about 8 a.m. on August 26, dispatchers sent officers to the scene of an accident in the 3200 block of East Platte Avenue, according to a Colorado Springs police report.

Pedestrian Struck While in Cross Walk

According to the report, a 78-year-old male motorist was driving a gray sedan when the vehicle reportedly struck a 67-year-old female pedestrian. Police report that the pedestrian was in a cross walk at the time.

Serious Injuries

Emergency personnel transported the pedestrian to a local hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident. The police report states that the injuries are life-threatening in nature.

Careless Driving Citation

The motorist remained at the scene in the immediate aftermath of the accident. He received a citation for careless driving resulting in injury.

The Major Accident Unit of the Colorado Springs Police Department arrived at the scene to assist with the investigation.

Although the investigation into this particular accident is ongoing, it is often possible for an injured person to seek compensation in Colorado’s civil courts. When negligent conduct is reasonably asserted, it is possible to seek compensatory damages for various losses, including medical expenses, pain-and-suffering, and lost wages. The parties in many such cases reach agreement without a trial.

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