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While drivers often realize the importance of driving carefully on wet or otherwise potentially hazardous roadways, it can be harder to remember to be cautious when driving in more everyday driving conditions. If you often drive just after sunrise or just before sunset, you may experience sun glare on a regular basis. One important thing to remember about sun glare is that it can happen year-round. Consider the following tips for safely driving when there is sun glare.

  • Use polarized sunglasses, which help to reduce sun glare. At the least, wear some sort of sunglasses while driving in sunny conditions or when the sun is setting or rising.
  • Use the sun visor. You may also need to adjust where you are sitting in your seat so the sun visor better blocks the sun without blocking your view of the road.
  • Keep your windshield clean, both inside and outside, and free of cracks. The sun may glare off of these, making it even harder to see.
  • Use your headlights. Although this might seem strange considering too much light is what is causing the problem, driving with your headlights on can make you more visible to other drivers, thereby decreasing the chances of another vehicle crashing into you.
  • Remove items, especially shiny items, from your dashboard. The sun may shine off of these, causing an even bigger sun glare issue.
  • Adjust your driving schedule. When possible, leave a little earlier or later to avoid driving right into the sun.
  • Give yourself extra following distance. When the sun is causing a distraction, it can be harder to see what cars in front of you are doing. The greater distance will allow you more time to stop or switch lanes if a problem arises.
  • Pull off the road if the problem becomes too unbearable. If the sun is creating a visibility problem which is making it nearly impossible to see, it might be worth pulling off the road and waiting a few minutes until visibility is a little better. When possible, pull into a parking lot or somewhere else where you are entirely off the road. Pulling off on the side of the road might make your vehicle a hazard for drivers still on the road, especially if they are also having trouble seeing.

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