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It’s always imperative to hire a Colorado Springs car accident attorney if you’ve just been in a car accident within the local area, though we know incurred injuries can slow down your phone call. Here at Heuser & Heuser, LLP, we always recommend to clients that if they can’t call us immediately after a car accident occurs, have a family member or friend call with consent.

There isn’t a question the injuries you incur from a car accident could affect you for the rest of your life. A jury and even a judge in a courtroom don’t always understand how extensive those injuries are unless they’re in your shoes.

Fortunately, we know what people go through after an accident and the amount of work, time, and money they put in to get themselves healed or back to some sense of normalcy. Considering car accidents can cause lifelong injuries to the body or even brain, medical expenses could go on for years due to rehab.

It’s why it’s so critical to gather evidence at the scene of your car accident to show just how bad things were for you. Even more so, gathering the correct medical information to present to a jury during your case is essential to show the realities of what car accidents cause.

When you let us represent you, we’ll present the sometimes hidden proof of what makes car accident injuries so devastating.

Evidence of In-Patient or Outpatient Expenses

No matter if your medical treatments are on an in-patient or outpatient basis, you need to save every bill you receive in the mail. Those bills may come in quickly all at once, so losing those bills within all the chaos of your life could easily happen.

You shouldn’t worry, because we’ll make sure all your medical bills get to us so nothing gets lost or overlooked. The more detail there is about the broad nature of your injuries, the better. Even if your bills don’t list every medical problem, we’ll make sure to get it from your doctor.

Evidence of Assisted Living

You may need to go into an assisted living facility to help you recover from your injuries. When this happens, you could be in the facility for months with most of your income going toward paying for it. Not everyone understands just how expensive assisted living and other ongoing treatments are. Some assume  you can return to normal after an initial hospital stay.

We’ll make sure to present your medical expense sheet to prove how much you’re in need of medical compensation from the person or people who caused your car accident. When you begin to present your loss of wages, you showcase just how much a car accident can affect a life in less than a minute.

There isn’t anything more compelling than when a jury sees sobering evidence like this about you and so many others.

Contact us here at Heuser & Heuser, LLP if you’ve just been in a car accident and need an attorney now. We’re there to work closely with you to gather every morsel of evidence so your case has clarity of proof.