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Damage from an accident or any other incident at work that is deemed compensable goes beyond any bodily harm. There is also a psychological impact of being injured at work. The inability to not perform at your best and the feeling of not being yourself can have a serious impact on a person.

The person who has been injured and the employer has to pay the cost for the accident, although in different ways. Many workers who are injured at work become depressed and they become detached from reality and their families. The depression that comes after a serious work injury can lead to suicide in many cases.

It is important that an injured worker talks with a doctor or specialist if they begin to:

  • Have trouble sleeping at night or in the day
  • Have trouble eating every day
  • Feels anxious and nervous

Feeling depressed and emotional after an injury is normal. However, many people do not feel they need to speak with a physician because they think the pain will go away soon. Since they believe the pain will not last for a significant amount of time, they will also feel that the stress and depression will go away once the main problems are solved.

However, when a person can no longer do things that used to be normal, when family relationships are strained, and when the bills and expenses are mounting, a person will begin to feel hopeless. So, talking to a doctor or specialist after the injury has occurred can help you become knowledgeable of what may occur. When you have an idea of what may happen to you, you will be able to get better care.

Pueblo Workers’ compensation attorneys understand the seriousness of workplace injuries and we understand what type of things the injured person may go through. This is why it is important to seek treatment as quickly as possible; even if you think the injury is not going to be a problem. There can be lasting effects of an injury. Even if the injury does not cause you a significant amount of pain when it happens.

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