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Staying safe and taking precautions on the road is always important at any time of the year, but during the winter greater driving habits are needed. When the highways are icy and when snow is falling, you have to do your best to driving carefully in the dangerous conditions.

A car accident attorney understands that defensive driving is important. We want to help you remain safe while you are driving during the winter, whether you are taking your normal routes or if you are traveling during the holidays.

Before you and your family plan a holiday road trip to visit family or take a vacation to somewhere where the sun is shining, we want to provide you with these tips:

  • Do not pull out of the driveway until everyone has on a seatbelt
  • Make sure your vehicle has been properly inspected and that repairs are made if necessary
  • Check your windows, mirrors, and windshield wipers to ensure they do not need to be repaired
  • Do not drive too close to another vehicle
  • Never drive when you are tired or drowsy; if there is another driver in the vehicle you can take turns driving to your destination
  • Do not take any drugs or drink any alcohol if you know you will be responsible for driving
  • Do not use your phone to talk or text while you are driving
  • Try to become familiar with an area so you will know if there will be any animals in the area that could distract you or cause an accident

We want you to have a memorable holiday trip, and we want those memories to be good memories. In order to enjoy your trip in difficult weather conditions, it is important that you remain focus and practice good habits while driving.

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