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We are all familiar with the dangers and risks of driving under the influence, whether it is alcohol or drugs. Not only is driving under the influence of drugs not safe, but truck drivers should also avoid texting while driving.

A main concern that has been discussed often is driving while not being well-rested. Truck drivers are on the roadways for countless hours, and they do not always get the rest they need. A truck driver who is fatigued can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than a driver who has been drinking before getting behind the wheel.

When drivers do not have enough rest, but they are still driving the truck, it can take longer to stop the truck to avoid an accident. With the weight and size of a semi-truck, plus the driver’s fatigue, it can lead to an unfortunate accident.

It does not matter how long a person has been driving a truck, all drivers will get a little tired every now and then. When drivers are fatigued, it can be caused by several different things, including the following:

  • Not getting the recommended hours of sleep
  • Driving longer hours than he or she is allowed to
  • Too much pressure to make deadlines
  • Not following the regulations and guidelines that have been set

As semi-truck accident attorneys, we understand that many truck drivers just want to get their jobs completed so they can go home and be with their families. This can lead them to overwork and not stop at rest stops so they can make their deliveries as soon as possible.

However, it is important to follow the trucking safety guidelines, as well as the rules of the road. Whenever a driver is tired, it is always recommended to stop and rest in a safe location.

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