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Overland transport of goods are handled by rail and trucking. Unlike rail transport that operates on its own separate rail system, trucking shares the roads with the driving public. This exposes auto drivers to many types of accident scenarios with trucks. Regardless of who is at fault, the consequences are often tragic for the occupants of the car and sometimes for the truck driver as well. If you were injured in a semi-truck accident, don’t hesitate to explore your legal options with a semi-truck accident attorney.

Trucking accidents are categorized around common recurring situations, six of which are given below:

The rear-end collision

A truck most often collides with other vehicles that lie in its direction of travel. The semi-truck’s large size and weight means that such rear-end collisions with vehicles cause serious and possibly fatal injuries.

Right turn collision with a car

This accident occurs when a truck makes a wide right turn and collides with a car trying to squeeze by its right side. While this is often the fault of the driver of the car, the truck driver may fail to use his turn signal.

Collision caused by a tire blowout

Poor tire maintenance or over loaded trailers can lead to tire blowouts. This may cause the truck to make a sudden corrective maneuver and strike a nearby vehicle, or cause complete loss of control if one of the front tires on the tractor blows out.

Blind spot collision

Because of their large size and the limited view from within the driver’s cab, trucks have large blind spots. The best truck drivers habitually scan their mirrors all the time to keep track of nearby traffic. When lane changing, they signal well in advance and move over gradually. Other motorists should avoid lingering inside of these blind spots.

Lost load

Improper loading of platform trailers may cause the cargo to drop onto the road and endanger the traffic behind the truck.

Head-on collision

This may occur on narrow roadways where the truck’s large size leaves little clearance for oncoming traffic. Cars or trucks that fail to stay completely inside their lane may cause a head-on collision, especially when rounding blind corners.

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