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No one looks forward to winter driving with its snow and ice-covered roads. These conditions also increase the risk of multi-car pileup accidents, especially when some motorists fail to exercise caution. If another’s negligent or reckless driving injured you in a winter accident, get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney.

Avoid a multi-car pileup this winter by following these tips:

  • Reduce your speed. The slippery conditions reduce your ability to steer and brake. Higher speeds reduce this further and make your car less stable on the road. Drive at a much slower speed and stay in the slow driving lanes. The leftmost passing lanes are preferred by impatient and aggressive drivers.
  • Increase following distances. More distance gives you more time to react to a pileup ahead of you.
  • Avoid clumps of cars. People often drive in packed clusters. There is no benefit to this and it leaves you with little room to maneuver or brake. The more empty road space around your car, the better.
  • Use snow tires with deep tread. It is all about tire traction when it comes to safe winter driving. If you want improved handling, steering, and braking in the winter, use snow tires. All season tires require up to twice the braking distance of snow tires.
  • Apply firm pressure on your brakes. This advice only applies to those with ABS, anti-lock brakes. The harder you want to brake, the more pressure you should apply to the brake pedal. Apply firm pressure and stay on the brakes until you are out of danger. Don’t worry about the disturbing pulsating sound. It is the ABS brakes doing their job of rapidly pumping the brakes.
  • Avoid braking and steering at the same time. Both braking and steering require traction. Since you have very little traction in slippery conditions, steering while braking will weaken both your ability to steer and to brake.
  • Steer gently. The reduced traction means that you can’t swerve or make other hard steering maneuvers. Steer minimally with a gentle touch.
  • Accelerate gently. Acceleration also requires traction, of which there is little in slippery conditions.

If you or a loved one were injured in a winter accident and require legal advice, an experienced accident attorney can help. Contact us at Heuser & Heuser, LLP today.