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Recently, a Texas woman died in a crash about twenty miles south of Pueblo. The woman was a passenger in a truck. The driver of the truck was likely distracted and crashed into the back of a tracker-trailer. He suffered minor injuries and the two occupants of the other vehicle were fine. While you may encounter many distractions while driving, there are certain steps you can take to reduce the number of distractions you face as a driver.

  • Do not talk on your cell phone. Whether handheld or hands-free, talking on your cell phone while driving can be a major distraction. If the call is important, you may want to consider having a passenger talk to the person, or you can pull off to the side of the road at a safe and convenient location to take the call or to call the person back.
  • Never text and drive. This is worse than talking on your phone. It takes both your mind and your eyes off the road.
  • Avoid emotional discussions with passengers. Arguments or other discussions that might take your attention off the road should be saved for a more appropriate time.
  • Save the food and drinks for later. Many people eat or drink in their cars, especially when they are in a rush. Unfortunately, when you are trying to eat or drink while driving, your mind is less focused on the road. Be especially careful trying to eat or drink in heavy traffic or in areas where pedestrians may cross the road with little warning.
  • Leave the radio station alone. Switching radio stations takes your mind off the road. Even worse, if you are looking down to see the station, you are taking your eyes off the road.

These are not the only distractions you may face as a driver. We encourage you to notice and eliminate other things that might be distracting you from focusing upon the road. If you were injured in a crash involving an inattentive driver, our personal injury attorneys can help. Contact us to get a free review of your case.