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Persons involved in an accident with a commercial operator are advised to contact an attorney right away with regard to a proper settlement.  The list which follows provides a list of expenditures appropriate for a settlement:

  • Medical expenses:  The medical expenditure category covers ambulance expense, visitation to a health care provider, follow-up visits to the doctor, any type of care at home and other medical-related costs associated with the accident.
  • Pain and suffering:  The term refers to any type of physical pain as a direct result of the accident, anxiety, and any stress with regard to paying medical expenses or enduring physical pain or emotion–again, as a direct result of the accident.
  • A loss as to earning capacity:  In many cases a person may have lost his or her ability to make money due to impairment associated with the accident.
  • Loss of wages:  Loss of wages is considered an individual’s loss of wages as a result of the accident.  An example is when the individual is required to visit his or her healthcare provider in order to treat injuries sustained during the accident; during his or her working hours.
  • The loss of a companion:  The person may have lost a relationship or as a result of the accident’s occurrence lost the affection of another human-being.
  • Special damages:  Special damages is a broad-based category covering any compensation lost, that is not categorized above, as a result of the accident.

Expenditures, relative to a case where a passenger driver is involved with a commercial truck operator must be reviewed thoroughly by a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney.

Whenever any individual is involved in a case with a commercial truck operator, he or she is advised to contact us immediately.  We are here to fight for the rights of the passenger car driver who has had an accident with a commercial carrier and offer a free consultation.