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Despite the numerous commercials, ads, campaigns, and law changes, distracted driving is still a cause of many car accidents. Many people are killed and injured in vehicle accidents every day because someone was driving while doing other things.

We are all probably aware that texting and talking on the phone are two of the biggest problems many people just cannot seem to avoid while in the car. Unfortunately, there are many other distractions that can result in serious car accidents, such as the following:

  • eating or drinking while driving
  • putting on or taking off makeup
  • changing the radio station
  • adjusting hair or clothing
  • looking at passengers in the backseat
  • looking at a GPS system or an actual map while trying to drive at the same time

Many people think that they will never get into an accident because they are good at texting while driving. When you are texting while driving, your mind is focused on the texts you are sending and the texts you are reading. You cannot effectively focus on the highway when you have your phone in your hand.

When you are driving, you need your mind to be on the road because anything can happen at any given time. You are not able to control other drivers and what they do, but you can control what you are doing behind the wheel.

If you are not facing an emergency situation, we believe you can wait until you are in a safe place to answer the phone. If you are facing an emergency situation and need to answer the phone, you can pull over where it is safe and answer the call.

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