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Everything You Need To Know About Filing For Social Security in Colorado Springs

If you live in Colorado and have suffered an injury, illness, disability or loss that requires you to file for SSDI or SSI (different levels of Social Security), you need to be aware of the different laws in place that can both help and hinder your efforts. There are many mistakes to avoid, and it may behoove you to seek help in getting the coverage you need. Learn how to file for Social Security in Colorado, what your rights are and how an attorney can help you if your claim is refused.

Social Security in Colorado

Social Security Colorado claims are rarely as simple as they should be. In an ideal world, you would, when ill or injured, file a basic claim with the Social Security office, and start getting coverage for your disability to help you get back on your feet. Unfortunately, all too often when a claim is filed, the office will evaluate it and find it lacking in some way.

The Process of Filing

When you are injured, become ill or otherwise suffer a disability which renders you unable to work or be eligible for supplemental income from Social Security, you should contact the Colorado Social Security Office. You can do this by phone or begin to apply for coverage online. The office will then review your claim, and if it is found eligible, the claim will be sent to the DDS (Disability determination Service) for further review. In the best case, you will then be approved for coverage.

Coverage in Colorado

Most people who live on their own in Colorado can receive a total income of $735 per month. $710 of this is federal, and $25 comes from the state. For those who live in adult care facilities or who receive assisted living aid, you can receive an extra $475 to $551 per month, depending on their individual circumstances. You will also be eligible for Medicaid if you receive SSI or SSDI.

Denial Is Not the End

It’s important to remember that if your initial claim for social security is denied, that doesn’t mean things are hopeless. Often, it could just mean that there is some detail that’s lacking, or something didn’t ring right with the office. You’ll have to challenge the denial and fight to get your coverage. This requires filing a request for reconsideration within 60 days of your denial, and attend a hearing to present your case.

If you have to fight a social security claim, you should never attempt to do it on your own. The process of defending your claim in court can be complex, and you’ll be facing experienced attorneys on the other side of the courtroom. This is why it’s always best when filing a social security claim to speak with a qualified Colorado Social Security attorney.

SSI attorneys can step in to make sure that everything is in order and that you get the maximum amount of coverage to which you are entitled. Most attorneys are also well aware that your income will be limited and fixed, and their services are structured so as not to cause you further financial difficulty. If you have suffered a disabling illness or injury in Colorado, and need help with representation regarding your state SSI or SSDI claim, we are here to help. Learn more about our Social Security and Disability Services, and get in touch today.