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Being in any car accident is a scary and traumatic experience. Even when there does not seem to be significant damage, you are concerned, full of anger and desperate for closure. There is also a question of whether or not you need to report the accident you have been in. What are the legalities surrounding what you have been through? Do you have to call the police? Should you? Learn what to do when you are in a Colorado Springs car accident, and if you need to report one that is relatively minor.

Minor Vehicle Accidents

The truth is, the vast majority of car accidents are minor, of the fender-bender variety, and nobody gets injured. This does not mean there is not still insurance issues to deal with, such as getting the damages to your vehicle compensated, but there is always still the question of whom to report the incident to, and when.

Police And The Car Accident

In general, unless there is an injury involved, there is no legal requirement to call the police to the scene of an accident. However, if you choose to call the police, they will come and take a report.

This is a very important thing to remember. When the time comes to handle the claim, especially if the other party challenges your claim, this police report can be very useful in proving the details of your claim. So while it may not be a legal obligation to call the police, it can be a crucial step in your insurance claim.

Calling The Insurance Company

One thing that is required when you have an accident is reporting the incident to your insurance company. This is true in all fifty states, and while it is not a law, it is a requirement in every single automotive policy out there. Many people avoid calling their insurance when they have an accident for fear that their rates will increase, or they will be dropped, and they feel that they can just work things out with the other driver.

There are countless ways this can go bad. If you avoid reporting the accident and your insurance carrier finds out, you will almost certainly be dropped. Worse, you could have trouble getting new coverage elsewhere as a result. It may not be a criminal offense to fail to report, but it certainly will lead to major insurance coverage issues. That does not even take into account the difficulties that can arise when trying to work out damages between two private parties.

Auto Accident Attorneys

When you are in a car accident, you should always call the police and report the incident to your insurance company. The next thing you should do is call a qualified Colorado Springs accident attorney. An attorney can make sure that you avoid the many pitfalls in getting your accident paid for and has the experience to deal with stubborn insurance companies to protect your rights. If this has happened to you, complete our contact form, or give us a call to talk about your case today.