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Personal injury lawsuits are a lot more complicated than many people might expect, and this is especially true when your injury has been caused by a defective product. A product liability suit involves several different factors, and can be very hard to try if your case involves a large corporation.

After an injury caused by a defective product, you might find it difficult to work and pay your bills, which is why you need to learn about the possibility of filing a suit and receiving the level of compensation that you deserve. Discover what’s involved in a product liability suit and learn why you should handle your case with help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Products that Have Suffered Manufacturing Errors

The most likely cause of a defective product is an error in manufacturing. Unlike other types of defective products, products with a manufacturing error are usually limited in scope and do not affect the entire line of products. For example, if you drive a car that is missing an important part, but this error does not impact the entire model line, then the defect is usually the result of a manufacturing error as opposed to a fault in the car’s design.

Winning a product liability case centered around an improperly manufactured product depends on you being able to know that it was the product’s defect that directly caused your injury and that you were using the product correctly.

Problems with Design Cause Product Liability

Another form of product liability suit that you should be aware of are those that involve a product that is unsafe because of its design. If a product has been designed unsafely, then it means an entire line of products are unsafe and has the potential to cause widespread injuries.

The easiest example of a product that has been designed unsafely would be an entire line of cars that rolls when taking a sharp turn, leading to a total product recall. As with poorly manufactured products, you will need to prove that it was the unsafe design of the product, and not user error that was the primary cause of your injury.

Improper Instruction or a Lack of Safety Warnings

It’s possible for certain products to be dangerous by their very nature. For example, certain drugs that are legally prescribed can be dangerous or deadly if used improperly, which is why manufacturers of these products generally include a warning usage label. However, if this legally mandated label is not present, or the instructions were unclear, then you might have grounds for a product liability suit.

If you’ve been injured by a product that should have included a safety warning but did not, then you will need to show that it was the lack of warning that caused your injury. For instance, using a toxic paint in an enclosed environment because you were unaware of its toxicity.

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When you’ve suffered an injury due to a defective product, you deserve compensation to help you move on with your life, which is easier to win with legal help. Get advice about your product liability case from an experienced personal injury attorney from Heuser & Heuser, L.L.P.

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