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Everything You Need To Know If You’ve Been Injured on a Construction Site in Colorado Springs

Construction sites are dangerous places to be, both in terms of work and for passers-by. Often times there’s not enough room kept for a safe perimeter, and a minor errors by the crew can result in serious accidents and major injuries to people walking through. Accidents related to construction sites can be devastating both to injured person and their family, resulting in debilitating injuries and even death.

If you’re hurt on a construction site, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation for the harm that you suffer. Learn your options after getting hurt at a construction site, and the ways in which having a Colorado personal injury lawyer at your side can help your case.

Types of Construction Accidents

There are a broad range of accidents that can happen on or around construction sites. From slips and falls to falling debris, the smallest mistake made by a construction worker can cause major injuries. Unfortunately, with so many opportunities, these accidents are all too common. Some of the most common involve:

Poor or Lack of Barricades

Pedestrians have to be kept at a safe distance from construction to protect them from the dangers of the site. If the barriers aren’t sufficient to keep people out, tragedy can result.

Lack of Warnings

The law also requires that construction sites be well marked with signage warning anyone who comes near of the dangers; without such signs, the company can be held liable for damages suffered.

Poorly-Maintained Equipment

If equipment isn’t properly inspected, secured and maintained, it can malfunction to the detriment of anyone nearby. From cranes to hooks to heavy loaders, vehicles and machinery pose a major danger to both workers and those who just pass by.

Improperly-Secured Tools

Falling tools are one of the most common causes of injuries on construction sites. A worker is up high and a hammer slips out of their hand, or they bump a drill, causing it to fall.

Damages for Getting Hurt on a Construction Site

Once you prove negligence, that the company failed to maintain their duty of care by not maintaining a safe and secure area for people to pass by, you may be entitled to collect a range of damages for your harm. These include compensation for your medical bills, for lost wages and future potential earnings, for damage to your quality of life and even for emotional trauma or pain and suffering.

Seeking Help from an Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt at a construction site, your best bet to collect damages is to hire the services of a qualified Colorado injury lawyer. Construction companies are bonded and insured against these kinds of damages, but insurance companies don’t like to pay out and they have a playbook of tactics they’ll use to avoid it. Competent workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced at fighting back and getting justice for their clients.

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