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Steps You Can Take If The Insurance Company Denies Your Personal Injury Claim

When you’re hurt and you file an insurance claim, it’s because you desperately need the money to pay your bills and make ends meet while you’re unable to work. When the insurance company denies that claim, it can be nothing short of devastating.

Your bills continue to stack up and, before you know it, you’ve got collections agents calling. Your credit rating dives and all you want to do is get better and get back on your feet. If this happens to you, you need to take the right steps to challenge the denial and get the compensation you deserve. Learn about how to respond to an injury claim denial by your insurance company, and when to seek help from a personal injury lawyer in your case.

Step One: Review Your Policy and Denial

The first thing to do when you get your denial letter is to read it very carefully. Look at the exact language the insurance company used to deny the letter. This language will act as a guide when you look at your insurance policy, which may be huge in scope (and page count).

The first place you want to look is for any exclusions listed. Exclusions are those circumstances under which you cannot receive compensation. Sometimes they are in the fine print or buried in other clauses. Compare exclusions with the language in your denial letter.

Challenging the Denial

If there’s anything erroneous, false, or in any way ambiguous or misleading in your denial letter, you can write to the insurance company and challenge the denial. Ask them to specifically clarify anything that reads as unclear. Correct any errors and challenge any falsehoods or mistakes. Be clear and concise in your language, and avoid emotional triggers.

You may receive a response that requires you to attend arbitration or mediation in connection with language in your insurance policy. This can be a positive thing as it enables you to negotiate directly with the insurance company and forces them to see you as a person rather than a number.

Legal Actions and the Personal Injury Lawyer

If the insurance company doesn’t answer you, or their response is unacceptable to you, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney to represent your interests. The insurance company may be in breach of contract, meaning that they’re not abiding by the agreed terms of your policy by denying your claim. If they’re purposely denying your claim when it’s valid, refusing to investigate, or otherwise mistreating you, they may be operating in bad faith.

Both of these are not only grounds to get your original claim, but could possibly open the door to other injuries and damages like pain and suffering and emotional trauma, but only if you have the right representation.

A personal injury attorney is experienced at dealing with insurance denials. At the very least, a good personal injury lawyer like those at Heuser & Heuser, LLP, will be happy to give you a no-obligation, no-charge evaluation of your case to get you on the right path. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a settlement to gain. Give us a call today!