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Most people don’t think about the many dangers they risk when going to a community festival. They’re largely just thinking about a fun day out with friends and family, hearing good music from local acts, looking at fantastic arts and crafts, enjoying great ethnic food and soaking up local culture.

The fact is, however, that there are a lot of dangers inherent to mixing hundreds or thousands of pedestrians in an urban setting with cars that need to get from point A to point B. Learn how to stay safe and avoid accidents when you’re at a community festival, and when to call the services of a Pueblo car accident attorney.

The Key to an Accident Case

If you are injured after being hit by a car at a festival, the key to collecting damages for your accident is proving negligence on the part of the driver. You’ll need to demonstrate, in effect, that the driver was behaving irresponsibly, that they weren’t acting in a way that any reasonable person would act, and in so doing they failed to uphold a basic duty not to put others in danger. Further, you’ll need to show that it was this failure that caused the accident and resulted in you getting hurt.

In Colorado, the case will further depend on whether you bear any portion of the blame. Your total award will be reduced by the percentage of fault you share, and if it’s over 50%, you may not collect damages.

How to Avoid Accidents

This concept, known as modified contributory negligence, makes it even more important to ensure you behave safely and properly at all times to avoid getting hurt. When you’re out and about at a festival, keep your wits about you at all times. If you need to cross the street, always do so with the light and at an intersection or, preferably, a crosswalk.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you at all times. Avoid drinking alcohol if possible, or if you do, make sure it’s in a controlled area with limited potential to come into contact with vehicles. Don’t walk and talk or text on your cell phone. Above all, never assume that a driver is going to stop or make the right decision. Operating on the assumption that a driver will do something wrong gives you a better chance to react if the worst occurs.

When to Call a Pueblo Car Accident Attorney

Any time you’re in a car accident and you get injured, you should immediately talk to a qualified Pueblo car accident attorney. Proving negligence can get tricky, especially in situations like a festival, where the general chaos can allow insurance companies and the defense’s lawyers to try and shift blame onto you.

The right attorney will know how to protect your rights and ensure that you are seen as the injurd party in the accident. They will give you the best shot at collecting substantial damages for the injuries you’ve suffered. For a free consultation regarding your case details, call the attorneys at Heuser & Heuser or complete our online contact form.