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Medical malpractice doesn’t necessarily mean a grossly incompetent amateur doing incalculable damage because they don’t belong in practice. Certainly, there are cases that come down to that, but sometimes, it’s a bad mistake made by an otherwise qualified and well-meaning doctor. Too many people think that malpractice suits are all about destroying the careers of doctors and driving up health care costs.

The truth is far more complicated. Medical malpractice cases are about protecting people. They’re about giving you the financial stability you need to recover from a serious injury that you didn’t ask for, which could’ve been avoided with a bit of care. Learn all you should know about medical malpractice, and how a personal injury lawyer can get the financial compensation and stability you need to get well.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Again, medical malpractice doesn’t necessarily mean gross incompetence, though, in some of the worst cases, that does arise. If a doctor or other healthcare professional performs a procedure that they’re too inexperienced or otherwise unqualified to perform and you get hurt, medical malpractice does occur and this may be the most well-known form.

Other times, well-meaning doctors can make terrible mistakes. A piece of surgical equipment like a sponge can be accidentally left inside after a surgery. Poor suturing can occur. Doctors could be extremely tired or stressed, causing errors.

Sometimes they might turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the stress, reducing their coordination and judgment. They could accidentally through poor communication or planning operate on the wrong body part or even perform the wrong procedure altogether.

Compensation for Malpractice

Any time an accident occurs during a medical procedure, from prescribing the wrong medication to a major surgical incident, and it could’ve been avoided by some basic effort and attention, it may be malpractice. This means that doctors have fallen below the expected standard of care for their profession.

Not every mistake made by a doctor qualifies as malpractice, however. It generally requires the mistake to be serious enough to cause you harm (in fact, if you haven’t suffered harm, there’s no malpractice) and the mistake must have been entirely preventable. In short, the doctor must have been negligent in providing the proper standard of care in some way, and you had to get hurt due to this negligence.

If you’ve been hurt due to medical malpractice, you can be entitled to a range of compensatory damages from your medical bills to your lost wages to pain and suffering, emotional damages, loss of consortium and more.

Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer

When the time comes to fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve suffered, your best chance is with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Hospitals have powerful attorneys and insurance companies behind them, and they will fight to invalidate your claim.

Proving your case requires someone with experience and knowledge. If you need help with your case in Southern Colorado, you should call the attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, LLP. We’re ready to help you prove your injury claim and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation about your case today.