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Thanks to the mouthwatering food and the time spent with the people you care about the most, there’s no holiday quite like Thanksgiving. Whether you enjoy a small gathering or a large party filled with all your friends and family, the Thanksgiving holiday can be one of the most exciting times of the year where you make memories that last for a lifetime. However, unfortunately, while preparing for this holiday, it’s also possible to suffer a major injury that will leave lasting consequences.

For a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, you need only to follow a few simple safety tips. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season by following these easy Thanksgiving safety tips that will help you prevent a serious accident.

Avoid a Holiday Car Accident

Unless you’re hosting a gathering, it’s likely that you will travel for Thanksgiving, which will greatly increase your chances for a car accident. Due to the increased traffic that comes with the holiday season, car accident rates rise dramatically during Thanksgiving, potentially ruining your holiday before it even starts.

The first thing you need to do to ensure safe holiday travels is to check the weather forecast. If there is a predicted snow or ice storm, you may want to push up your travel plans to avoid the storm or wait until it passes to hit the road.

While driving, especially if you encounter rain, you should be sure you’re driving at a safe speed. Driving at high speeds makes it much easier to lose control of your vehicle, increasing the risk of being involved in a car wreck.

Safely Prepare Your Holiday Feast

When it comes to Thanksgiving safety, most people assume they can drop their guards once they reach their destination. This is completely natural, as it is important to relax and enjoy yourself during the holiday. However, if you’re in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it’s still possible to be injured due to the fact that many holiday accidents occur in the kitchen.

While you’re cooking your meal, you should never leave any cooking food unattended or the stove turned on without anyone watching. Leaving your kitchen, even for a brief period of time, can be a huge fire risk, putting everyone’s safety on the line. Because the food you are handling will be very hot, you should also always use oven mitts or hot pads to lower your chances of being burned.

Additionally, it is a good idea to keep the kitchen clear of anyone not preparing food, such as small children and pets. Finally, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand in case an accident does occur.

Get Help After a Thanksgiving Accident

Following Thanksgiving safety tips can still result in an injury, including accidents caused by the negligence of another person. If you’ve been hurt due to no fault of your own during the holiday season, then you should discuss your options for a lawsuit with the personal injury attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, LLP.

At our office in Colorado Springs, you can consult with our legal professionals about your injury and your options for filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Get in touch with Heuser & Heuser today to learn more about our legal services.