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While there are a variety of reason that Christmas is one of the year’s best holidays, most people would say their favorite part of this season is the decorations. Colorful strings and lights and intricately patterned ornaments create an unforgettable festive atmosphere, particularly when they’re hung on a beautiful Christmas tree.

Most people consider their holiday incomplete if it doesn’t include a fully decorated Christmas tree, and while Christmas trees are certainly gorgeous decorations, they can also be a big fire hazard. Keep in mind these Christmas tree safety tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a happy holiday season that is free from major fires and trips to the emergency room.

Picking Out Tree

Although there are several things that you need to do to keep your home safe during the Christmas, the most important is picking out the right tree. When you visit the Christmas tree lot, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you purchase the safest tree possible.

The best way to pick a safe tree is to pay attention to the needles. Any tree that you purchase should have fresh, green needles that do not come loose easily, even when touched. When a tree is old and dry with loose, brown needles, it’s much more at risk for a fire.

Placement and Decorations

After choosing and purchasing your tree, it’s time to start thinking about where you will place your tree and how you will decorate, both of which can contribute to the safety of your tree.

When you’re choosing the perfect spot for your tree, you need to avoid placing it in front of exits, near heating vents or next to electrical outlets, all of which can be a fire hazard. Once your tree is placed, you need to choose the right decorations. If you plan to string lights, you need to choose lights that have been independently tested for safety, and never use strings with damaged cords or burned out bulbs.

You also need to care for your tree the right way. Frequently waster your tree to prevent it from drying out and increasing its potential for catching fire.

What to Do After the Holiday

Once the holiday season is over and you’re taking down your decorations for the year, you should make sure to start with your Christmas tree. These trees can dry out very rapidly, and when the needles turn brown and fall in abundance, your risk for fire will be at its greatest.

After taking off the lights and removing the ornaments, you should take your Christmas tree to one of the disposal areas offered by your city. Never store your Christmas tree in your garage, as this can also be a fire hazard. Removing your tree as soon as the holiday is over will help you keep your family safe.

What to Do After a Christmas Tree Fire

Christmas tree fires can happen without warning, frequently due to a poorly or unsafely produced string of lights. If you’ve experienced Christmas tree fire and believe you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, you should get in touch with the personal injury attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, LLP.

Heuser & Heuser understands how devastating a Christmas tree fire can be, and we are ready to help you protect your rights after you’ve suffered this accident. Contact our legal team today.