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What You Need To Know About Drivers with Road Rage in Pueblo, CO

Our Pueblo Car Accident Lawyers Explain What That Means For You

The roadways of Colorado can be stressful. Minute after minute ticks by in rush hour traffic, the Honda Civic next to you is rattling your windows with its music, and suddenly you notice your knuckles are white, and your teeth are clenched. Situations like this would make anyone stressed, even angry.

Unfortunately far too many people are angry on our roads, making them a dangerous place. The Denver Post reported Colorado was ranked second in the nation for fatal road rage auto accidents, following Indiana. 53 people died in 2016 because of the reckless driving of enraged individuals. These numbers are shocking due to the fact that they are preventable.

If you believe you were injured in an accident caused by road rage, you may benefit from speaking with a Pueblo car accident lawyer. Our attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, L.L.P. are experienced in road rage claims, and we want to help you! We care about the safety of our community and believe everyone should be aware of the signs of road rage and how to prevent it.

What is Road Rage?

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Road rage typically starts as aggressive driving which, in Colorado, is considered “Reckless Driving,” a class 2 traffic misdemeanor. This type of driving is described as driving with a wanton or willful neglect for the safety of property or persons.

An aggressive driver will typically be weaving between lanes, speeding, and following other vehicles too closely. Aggressive driving, or reckless driving, can result in up to 90 days in jail and/or up-to $300 in fines.

When aggressive driving turns into road rage, the road becomes a hazard for other drivers. This type of driving typically results in a car wreck. The enraged driver may run another motorist off the road or even hit another vehicle. Some cases of road rage in Colorado have resulted in people being shot or stabbed. Aggressive driving is fairly easy to spot, but how do you know if an aggressive driver is about to experience road rage and try to run you off the road?

What road rage looks like:

  • Swearing
  • Aggressive eye contact
  • Threatening other motorists
  • Making obscene hand gestures
  • Running another motorist off the road
  • Colliding with another vehicle
  • Pulling out a gun or other weapon

What to Do if I Witness Road Rage?

  1. Try to get away from the driver quickly and calmly.
  2. Refrain from engaging with the driver.
  3. Alert the authorities, and drive to the nearest police station if needed.
  4. Take note of the driver’s license plate number so the authorities can find him/her. Having an officer track down the driver is important as it may prevent an accident or even fatality.

How to Avoid Stressful Driving

It’s easy to imagine someone else getting road rage and causing an accident, but we are all humans capable of becoming stressed and aggravated. Use these simple tips to stay calm while driving in order to avoid getting road rage.

3 Tips to Avoid Road Rage

1. Leave early

If you are pressed for time and the car in front of you is driving under the speed limit, you may feel tempted to tailgate the driver to alert him/her to drive the appropriate speed limit. To avoid this type of situation in the future, leave earlier. This will give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, and you won’t feel as pressured to engage in reckless driving.

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2. Take deep breaths

Exercising deep breathing can greatly reduce the stress you may be feeling while stuck in traffic or being pressured by another driver. This will lower your heart rate and allow you to think more clearly.

3. Avoid other rage-filled drivers

If another driver is riding your bumper or trying to engage you with obscene gestures, keep your eyes in front of you and ignore them. If you refuse to retaliate they will likely move on without any further transgression towards you.

What You Should Do if You Experience Road Rage

We hope these tips help the drivers of Pueblo remain safe on our roads. Road rage is scary but easily prevented.

If you were injured in a road rage accident, a Pueblo car accident lawyer can help. Our Heuser & Heuser, L.L.P. attorneys understand the trauma you have gone through in your accident. We want to help you receive compensation if possible.

We can review the details of your accident and determine if you’re eligible to obtain compensation. If you are entitled to compensation, we can fight on your behalf. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at 719-520-9909. If you would feel more comfortable filling out a form online, you can do so here.