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How to Get the Most Money After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs

Millions of car accidents occur in the United States each year. While most car accidents result in damage to the vehicles involved, some accidents also involve personal injury or even result in the death of the driver or passengers.

If you were injured in a car crash that wasn’t your fault, it’s important to take the right steps to protect your right to compensation. If you’re wondering how to get the most money after a car accident in Colorado Springs, here are a few things you should do to prepare for your car accident injury claim.

Listen to Your Doctor

a woman with a neck injury after a car accident in Colorado Springs

If you were injured in a car accident and need to file a claim to seek compensation, following your doctor’s instructions is crucial. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to address your injuries and they’ll also provide you with a recovery plan, which may include surgical aftercare, physical therapy, prescriptions, and more.

Failing to follow the doctor’s instructions can not only affect your recovery but can also affect your personal injury claim. For example, if you ignored your doctor’s recommendation for physical therapy or mobility aids, such as crutches or a walker, you may be denied some or all of the compensation you’re otherwise entitled to for your injuries. This is because the insurance company can now say that your injuries weren’t as severe as you claimed.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

After an accident, you’re entitled to a police report for your own records. Look at the report to ensure it’s accurate and reflects all the facts of the accident. It’s possible for a police report to have incorrect information, such as the cause of the accident. A police report is part of your evidence for your claim and can be a vital resource for the insurance adjuster, so be sure to correct any errors as soon as possible.

Keep a File of Your Claim Information

two drivers documenting the scene of a car accident in Colorado SpringsRecords and evidence are vital to any car accident claim. After the accident, keep a record of all the paperwork you receive to support your claim, which may include the police report, insurance records, pictures of the accident scene, imaging from the hospital, medical records and bills, and more. It will also be helpful for you to keep a journal of the pain you experience on a daily basis due to your accident-related injuries.

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