For most of us, the crucial time when we need an injury lawyer typically follows being severely hurt and the resulting hardship, uncertainty and stress.

If you’ve been injured – whether it’s a car accident, vehicle rollover accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, construction accident or any kind of accident – you may need to hire accident injury lawyers to help set things to right. Your life won’t be the same following the accident, so you want to make sure that those responsible for your pain and suffering fulfill their obligations.

The Heuser & Heuser law firm can help get your life back on track after a serious accident. Gordon and Barkley Heuser have more than 25 years of legal experience standing up for the average guy in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Alamosa, Pikes Peak, the Arkansas Valley and elsewhere along the Front Range. We understand that law firms like ours may be the only recourse for people who have suffered personal injury through another’s negligence. We take that responsibility seriously and work hard to get your life back to normal.



Auto Accidents

Auto accident victims have said following the crash that everything happened so quickly there was no time to react or even think. Other accident victims describe how time stood still and everything happened in slow motion, yet they were helpless to stop it.

But nearly everybody who’s been hurt in a car accident says his/her world was turned upside down and they were left with scary questions about the future for themselves and their families.

The attorneys and associates at Heuser & Heuser law firm know how your life can be wrecked by being severely hurt in an auto accident. We’ve been in Colorado Springs since 1985, helping accident victims cope with the uncertainty that follows a car accident.



Trucking Accidents

Statistics prove time and again that sharing the road with 18-wheeled, 30-ton monsters is hazardous for people traveling in passenger cars. With the enormous difference in size, any accident involving a big truck and a car will usually lead to very serious, often fatal, injuries for the car’s occupants.

Laws and other regulations require extensive training for professional truck drivers and limit how long they can drive. But too often truckers and the companies that employ them flaunt those laws and create dangerous conditions on our highways.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or even killed in a big truck accident, you need a lawyer who will fight for your best interests and guide you through this difficult time. The attorneys and staff at Heuser & Heuser know how to take on the big trucking companies. We’ve helped thousands of clients along the Front Range and beyond, and we know how to counter the insurance companies’ tactics and get you the most possible.



Motorcycle Accidents

The size differential between vehicles takes on new significance when you’re on a motorcycle and have the constant risk of being hit by a car or truck that didn’t see you.

The driver of the car is the one responsible in two out of three car-motorcycle accidents. Drivers typically don’t see or don’t look for a vehicle that’s smaller than the average car. Consequently, almost 70 percent of wrecks involving motorcycles happen at street intersections where cars turn in front of motorcycles or rear-end them.

Whether you live in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Alamosa or elsewhere, the Heuser law team will start working for you immediately. We will use experts to reconstruct the collision, collect witness statements, police reports, medical documents, photos and other details that can clinch your case. We’ll work hard gathering all of this for you. You just have to work on getting healthy again so your life can get back to normal.



Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Because of the design, some types of vehicles are more likely than others to roll over in a crash. Vehicles with narrow wheel base and higher center of gravity present a greater chance for rollover when the driver swerves sharply around an obstacle in the road.

Sport utility vehicles, minivans and trucks are more prone to rollover accidents and the drivers risk severe or even deadly injuries. A vehicle’s safety features are less effective when it rolls over in the accident.

In fact more than 10,000 people die every year in rollover crashes, leaving grief-stricken families to cope with the shock, sorrow and uncertainty of life without a son, father or other loved one.

Gordon and Barkley Heuser have been helping those families along the Front Range for more than 25 years. We recover millions of dollars in settlements every year, and we can handle serious cases, including wrongful death, amputations, brain injuries and back and spinal cord injuries.



Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places with scaffolding, excavations and heavy machinery everywhere. Government regulations are imposed to make sites safer but corner-cutting companies disregard safety standards and the employees pay the price.

That price can be high as workers risk being crushed by heavy machinery, building materials or collapsing scaffolding, critically injured by power tools or falling long distances.

Construction site injuries almost always mean time lost from work, so the accident victim also has to deal with worries about finances.

Heuser & Heuser can help if you or a loved one have been seriously injured at a construction site. More than 25 years of practicing law in Colorado Springs and helping people in Pueblo, Alamosa, along the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak and elsewhere on the Front Range have led to thousands of clients receiving needed compensation to address those financial worries.



Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents are the result of inexperienced or careless operators – in fact, about 80 percent of the boat operators involved in an accident have not undergone any boating safety training.

Because of their basic design, boats offer little protection for the people riding in them when a crash occurs. Consequently, boating accident injuries are frequently severe, and because the accidents happen on water, they often result in drowning deaths.

If you or a loved one have gone through the horror of being badly injured or losing a loved one in a boating accident, you need personal injury lawyers who know how to pursue a boat crash lawsuit. Our attorneys and associates at Heuser & Heuser will take care of the details in your case and help you cope as you encounter the confusion and fear that can follow a serious injury or death.



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