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Few would dispute that life changes for most people who lose a body part. The degree of change may vary depending on the appendage, but an amputation means life will be different.

Should someone lose a limb, that difference can be overwhelming. The person faces huge medical bills, weeks, or even months of rehabilitation and adjusting to a life without many of his/her previous activities, maybe without a job.

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Causes and Treatment

Severe injury or trauma that results in amputation can occur during industrial accidents, car accidents, construction accidents, falls, malfunctioning machinery or other defective products, work accidents, natural disasters, and recreational activities. Many people who receive accidental amputations suffer from shock and depression.

Recovery extends far beyond the initial medical treatment and is determined, in part, by the overall health and strength of the person. Amputees are encouraged to undergo therapy – physical and emotional.

Physical and occupational therapy and gait training are often necessary for people who receive a prosthesis. Training includes adapting to changes when the person returns home and helping him/her gain independence. Amputees whose health does not permit a prosthesis may require more assistance with mobility and transfers.

Treatment may be necessary for years after the initial injury and calculating the costs for that care and other future needs can be a daunting task. Gordon and Barkley Heuser bring more than 30 years of legal experience to that effort. We have helped thousands of injured clients along the Front Range, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, as well as Pikes Peak and the Arkansas Valley, recover the compensation necessary to move forward in their lives.

Our legal team works with doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals to determine the costs of care for the amputee at present and in the future.

Loss of Future Potential Earnings

A major factor in determining the financial settlement for an accidental amputation is which body part was lost and how will that affect the person’s career.

Typically, the loss of a leg has a greater impact on one’s work than a finger, but every case is unique. For example, losing a finger could be devastating for a professional musician, while having only one arm could wreck a carpenter’s career.

Your legal team must calculate a dollar figure to demand from those responsible for the amputation. We will draw upon our expertise not only to derive the compensation amount but also to gather the records and testimony to support your claim and resolve your case as quickly as possible.

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