Colorado Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

People who get hurt on the job are usually eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits are crucial as work injuries can result in costly medical bills and loss of income.

A workplace accident and injury can create a serious disruption to a person’s life. For one thing, you may not know when your doctor will clear you to return to work – but just because you can’t work, that doesn’t mean the bills stop coming, does it?

Your employer may even deny that your injury is work-related and refuse to fill out an injury report or get you medical attention.

If you or someone you love were hurt on the job, call Heuser & Heuser law firm right away. We deal with these kind of cases every day and can act quickly to get you help.

In fact, should you be hurt at work, don’t wait to call us until you encounter a problem. We can make sure that your workers’ compensation claim stays on track avoiding problems that can delay your payment.

What Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Include?

Workers’ compensation benefits are provided to cover five basic expenses:

  • Medical expenses, including treatment and trips to the doctor;
  • Temporary disability payments for your expenses incurred while you are unable to work;
  • Permanent partial disability payments for any long-term disability or impairment;
  • Lifetime medical coverage for the injury; and
  • Transportation mileage reimbursement

Heuser & Heuser is a hometown law firm that has been helping workplace injury victims from more than 25 years in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Alamosa, the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak and elsewhere on the Front Range. Our firm handles construction accidents, factory accidents, drivers’ accidents, office accidents or most any other work-related accident.

What Do You Do If You Have A Work-Related Injury:

If you are hurt on the job, be sure to notify your employer right away so you’ll be eligible for compensation.

Next, hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to make sure that your money arrives when it should and is the correct amount. Our team knows exactly what paperwork is required and will work with you to complete it.

We will make sure that you have provided all the details for your employer about your injury, and we’ll carefully review all paperwork completed by your employer to ensure there are no mistakes or differences between your version of events and your employer’s interpretation.

We will document everything that happened when you were injured, as well as what occurs afterward. This will prove essential as you can be certain your employer, the insurance company and others are making their own notes.

When you see a doctor, be specific in describing symptoms and what led to the injury. If your doctor determines that you are unable to work, we will make sure your employer knows about the restrictions.

Let your doctor know that you want to return to work as soon as you can, but inform him and us of any problems you experience after returning to your job.

If you receive notice that any bill has not been paid, we will contact the workers’ compensation insurance company immediately to find out why. Having the Heuser & Heuser law firm on your side is the best way to be sure that your benefits come through just as they’re supposed to.

Contact us today for free and get started on your case!