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Why You Need A Colorado Springs Attorney After A Semi Truck Accident

Being in any car accident is a traumatic experience, but when the damage comes from a large truck, it is far worse. The sheer size of the vehicle means that trucking accidents are much worse than other kinds of car accidents. Even worse, there are so many parties involved that it can sometimes be hard to face down those responsible and get compensated for your injuries. Learn the importance of having a personal injury attorney after a truck accident, and how a lawyer can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Numbers

The statistics revolving around truck accidents are staggering. As of 2002, there were nearly 5,000 fatalities and over 130,000 injuries in accidents involving trucks. Even worse, the number of accidents of this kind has gone up by 20 percent over the past twenty years—a rate of 1 percent every year. These figures are astounding, especially when one considers the sheer damage that can result from a truck accident.

Proving Responsibility

One of the trickiest parts of getting compensated for truck accidents is proving who is responsible. With a car accident, it comes down to the two drivers and those directly involved in the accident. With trucks, it can involve the driver, the truck owner, the trucking company, the freight company and even the parts manufacturer of the truck. Of course, everyone potentially involved will do their best to deflect the blame to other parties.

Traditionally, trucking companies have tried to avoid responsibility by claiming that the drivers were not employees, but independent contractors. Current laws forbid them doing this, but that does not stop the tactics from going on.

Insurance Companies

It is often said that insurance is the only service you pay for that you hope you never use. Insurance companies are businesses, and they do not make a profit by paying out. This means that when an accident does happen, they will make lowball offers, and will try any tactic from smooth talking to bullying to get you to sign off on the lowest possible settlement. Never sign anything without consulting an attorney. It is possible that you could sign away your rights to further compensation.

Getting Compensation

When you are injured in an accident, you can get compensated for all of your medical bills as well as for things such as lost income, future potential, lost relationships, pain and suffering and possibly more. However, you will need to have someone in your corner willing to fight for your rights against companies dead-set against paying what you deserve.

This is where a qualified Colorado Springs personal injury attorney comes into play. We have the experience to stand against the strong-arm tactics of insurance companies, the blame-dodging of those responsible, and make sure that you get the full damages you deserve. If you have been injured in a truck accident, take a look at some more information and get in touch with us for a no-obligation consult on your case details today.