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Nursing Home Neglect

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Your Colorado Springs Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Every day more and more families struggle with how to care for aging parents and other loved ones. The aging U.S. population means higher numbers of people require assisted living or greater levels of care for a longer period of time.

When you decide that a loved one must go to a nursing home, you expect an appropriate level of care. Tragically, nursing home neglect and abuse are realities facing American families – too often, nursing home companies put profits ahead of patient care and safety.

Recent statistics estimate that 1 to 2 million Americans, who are age 65 or older, have been mistreated or injured by someone they depended on for protection or care. A government report states that 35% of U.S. nursing homes have been cited for resident neglect or abuse in recent years.

If you or your family are looking for a facility for a loved one, or if you have questions about your loved one’s current facility, you can get information – including data on abuse, injury or neglect – related to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division.

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When You Suspect a Loved One Has Been Neglected or Abused

The dismay, anger, helplessness and guilt can be overwhelming when you discover evidence of neglect for your loved one. For some families, those emotions are multiplied when they learn their loved one died as a result of the neglect or abuse at a nursing home.

Your first step is to contact a law firm like Heuser & Heuser that’s experienced in nursing home negligence cases. We have helped thousands of clients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak and elsewhere on the Front Range and we can help you find out the truth about what abuse or negligence occurred.

Furthermore, the Heuser & Heuser team knows the laws that govern nursing home care, as well as guarantee rights to the residents. We will work hard to make sure your loved one is treated with compassion and respect, is given the protection mandated by law and receives the compensation they deserve for their suffering.

Sadly, many nursing home residents do not have the ability to speak or otherwise communicate the poor treatment and neglect they have suffered. Proving abuse can be difficult when facility administrations try to cover up what is often malicious or negligent conduct on the part of staff.

Call an Attorney Who is Experienced in Nursing Home Neglect

Your attorneys at Heuser & Heuser know signs of neglect and abuse that should raise questions and prompt an immediate investigation, including:

  • bed sores and ulcers
  • no assistance with personal hygiene
  • unexplained falls, or failure to prevent falls
  • failure to treat or prevent malnutrition or dehydration
  • broken bones, open wounds, cuts or bruises
  • sudden or excessive weight loss
  • injuries that come from improperly used restraints or lack of restraints
  • no appropriate medical care

Your legal team may have to acquire and review nursing home records, medical records and other relevant information. Should we determine there’s a good case for proving abuse and/or negligence, we will notify the facility and individuals who we believe committed the abuse or neglect.

While we cannot guarantee an outcome or how long it may take to resolve a case, you will be kept informed of the case’s progress and we’ll make sure we’re available to answer your questions.