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What Injuries Are Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Colorado Springs

Workers’ compensation was developed in order to assist employees with the injuries and disabilities that are likely to occur as a result of their position. Over the years, it has come to encompass many more problems and situations as our understanding of medical science and causality has improved. Legal definitions can often be difficult to grasp, so the law office of Heuser and Heuser in Colorado Springs is here to provide some answers to common questions people will ask their workers’ compensation lawyer.

They Must Be Work Related

An understandable caveat of receiving workers’ compensation benefits is that the injury must, of course, be related to work performed. However, this definition varies from state to state. While it is a general rule that an injury sustained “at work” qualifies for this, being “at work” can often mean more than just being at the office, factory, or job site. Delivery drivers, traveling business people, and even company baseball team players can all have cases where “work-related” injuries occur outside of company property.

Some injuries are known to be caused by specific jobs, particularly repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or long-term illnesses like mesothelioma. Some of these illnesses are referred to as “occupational illnesses,” which means that they are expected hazards when taking certain jobs. Even heart attacks can fall under the category of work related if the job is known to be particularly stressful.

They Can Be Your Fault

Although the workers’ compensation system was designed to remove the burden of proving that an injury was caused by an employer, many may feel that they are entitled to fewer benefits because they know they are to blame. While it’s true that sometimes egregious conduct on the part of the worker such as intoxication or carelessness may disqualify them from receiving benefits, this is not always the case. Sometimes an employer may dispute a claim due to the nature of the incident, but careless behavior or intoxication does not necessarily bar you from receiving compensation.

They Don’t Have To Be Physical

Stress on the job is extremely common, and one of the main reasons employees seek professional help for their physical and mental problems. Anxiety, sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even gastrointestinal issues can be caused by the mindset your job has put you in. While they are not always covered by workers’ compensation, you can also request to have the conditions of your job altered to suit your needs if you can prove that your mental condition has become a disability. It is important to seek help from a qualified medical professional – as well as a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer – if your job significantly impacts your quality of life.

For Grieving Families

Unfortunately, sometimes a worker will not survive an injury they have sustained during the course of their employment. Those who are dependent on the worker may be at a loss, but much more often than not they are also entitled to make a claim. Workers’ compensation benefits also exist to help family members and partners cope with the loss of the worker

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