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Four Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Undermine Your Personal Injury Claim

When you get hurt in an accident, all you want is your injuries covered, and the financial ability to get well, heal, and get your life back under control. Unfortunately, all too often the insurance company whose job it is to help you do exactly that will go to any length to avoid paying a cent.

It’s frustrating and enraging, and you have a right to feel that way. There is, however, hope available — you just need the right help. Learn the tactics insurance companies use to pay as little as possible for your injury claim, and how a Colorado Springs injury lawyer can help you.

Challenging Liability

One of the first things the insurance company will try to do is challenge that their client was liable. They will claim that there was no violation of the defendant’s duty of care, sometimes because there was no duty of care owed. They might actually try to turn the person into a villain by claiming that you were acting irresponsibly and caused your own injury.

Challenging the Injury

Another common tactic is that the insurance company claims you’re not hurt nearly as badly as you are, or even that you’re really not hurt at all. Insurance companies are not above accusing you of lying about being hurt—they claim they do this to prevent fraud, but the truth is, companies don’t generate a profit by paying out money, and insurance companies are for-profit businesses.

Challenging the Evidence

The third way the insurance company will attack you is to claim there’s a lack of evidence to support your claims. They will argue you’ve failed to prove the extent of your injuries or their client’s liability. They might cite factors such as a lack of medical documentation connecting the injury and the accident. They might also point to a lack of a police report to substantiate who was at fault.

Confusion and Subterfuge

Another tactic some insurance companies pull involves subterfuge, confusion, and even bullying. They tender a lowball offer to the client and attempt to get them to sign paperwork that they don’t understand, but which results in forfeiting your rights to file a lawsuit in the future. If you don’t agree to sign, they sometimes resort to tactics that are designed to confuse you into signing, or they might even try to bully you into it, threatening you with no settlement at all if you don’t sign.

Fighting for Your Injury Claim

The best way to get the full amount you deserve out of your injury claim is to not play the insurance company’s game. You always have the right to representation of your own. When the insurance company comes at you with their team of lawyers, respond with your own. An experienced Colorado personal injury attorney knows exactly how to challenge and fight these tactics and ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

If you have been injured in an accident and need representation in southern Colorado, we are ready to help. Don’t try to go it alone; contact Heuser & Heuser for a free discussion of the details of your case and to get started on the road to compensation today.