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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit A Doctor After A Minor Colorado Springs Car Accident

If you’re involved in a minor car accident, should you still see a doctor? As car accident lawyers, Heuser & Heuser has dealt with almost any kind of car accident you can think of. Even if there’s little or no damage to your car, you should still make an appointment with your doctor or go and get checked out at a minor emergency clinic. Read on to learn why you visit a doctor after a minor auto accident.

You May Have an Injury and Not Know It

It may sound silly for us to say that you could be hurt and not know it. After all, injuries such as whiplash, herniated discs, strains, sprains, and concussions all have symptoms. Yet, when you’re in a minor accident, your body still produces adrenaline. You may not feel anything directly after the accident or for several hours. Adrenaline is a hormone released from the adrenal glands. It contributes to what we know as the “fight or flight” reaction. A burst of adrenaline can help people in danger either fight back or run away to protect themselves. Our bodies don’t know the difference when it comes to various types of danger. It can cause you to feel less pain. That is how you can have an injury and not know it and why you visit a doctor after a minor auto accident.

Minor Injuries Can Get Worse Without Treatment

Without proper medical care, minor injuries can get worse. Even if the injury isn’t life-altering, it can still take longer to recover without proper care. Additionally, a minor injury, such as a sprain, may eventually cause the muscle or tendon affected to tear. Microscopic tears (and more serious tears) can cause immobility and severe pain. Medical care may prevent the development of a more serious problem. By choosing to proactively get medical care, you are taking care of yourself and minimizing the chance that your injury will get worse.

Thinking about Filing a Lawsuit?

As car accident lawyers, we want to make sure that you understand the importance of seeing a doctor after a minor accident. If you’re thinking about filing a lawsuit, getting immediate medical care is an important factor if you’re claiming that you had medical bills, injuries, or pain and suffering as a result of the car accident.

Without immediate medical care (and continuing medical care, if necessary), the insurance company or the defendant may assert that you weren’t actually injured and that you’ve filed a frivolous lawsuit. Providing documentation of immediate medical care is one of the best ways that you can protect your claim.

Remember, even if you don’t think you’re hurt after a minor accident, get checked out by a medical professional or chiropractor. Those records are vital to both your insurance claim and your potential legal claim.

What Else Should You Do After a Minor Car Accident?

If you’re involved in a minor car accident, take the following steps:

  • First, make sure that no one needs an ambulance. Minor damage to vehicles doesn’t always indicate that there are no injuries. Neck, head, and back injuries can often be emergencies. Any broken bones should be immediately addressed by a medical professional.
  • Next, call the police. If there are no emergency medical issues, you don’t have to use 911. You can call the non-emergency number. The police will come to the scene and take a report. They can also help with the exchange of personal and insurance information. Ask for the report number so that you can pull a copy of the report.
  • Go and get medical care. You’ve already learned why that’s important. You might not know that you’re hurt. It can be very hard to get properly compensated after a car accident if you don’t get immediate medical attention.
  • Call Heuser & Heuser. You need an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. With decades of experience, Heuser & Heuser understands personal injury law. Our purpose is to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. To learn how we can help you, call us to schedule your free case review.