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Colorado Vehicle Accident Report: December 2018

According to Driver Knowledge, “Around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year.” Motor vehicle accidents have taken countless lives and left innocent people with permanent injuries.

In Pueblo, Colorado, it’s essential to know about the collisions that occur within the community to ensure you use extra caution in potentially dangerous areas. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to someone else’s careless actions, allow our Pueblo car accident attorneys at Heuser & Heuser to assist you with your legal claim. Some of the recent auto accidents that occurred in Pueblo include the following:

Police Officer Killed in Crash, Including Child and Woman

Police officers in two patrol cars were involved in an accident with another vehicle heading in the opposite direction. The officers were traveling to a domestic violence call when the collision occurred.

Taelor Roybal, 23-years-old, and her 1-year-old son, Ezekiel Valdez, died due to their injuries. Sergeant Matthew Moreno, Kenny Lopez, and Trent Gomez were also involved in the automobile accident. Sergeant Moreno “was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital,” according to KOAA News 5. The other two officers survived but did sustain injuries.

Argument Led to 16-Year-Old Pedestrian in Severe Condition

An 18-year-old was in an argument with a 16-year-old while driving, which caused the teenager to jump from the moving vehicle. The 16-year-old was run over by the driver, reported KOAA News 5. The crash occurred at 4th and Midtown. Currently, no charges have been made, however, the case is under investigation.

Two Killed in Possible DUI Accident

In Colorado Springs on Highway 85, south of Main Street, a possible DUI collision is under investigation. Amanda Sandoval was driving a Chevy Impala and attempted to pass another motorist when she lost control of the vehicle.

An article by KKTV 11 News stated, the “Impala spun and crossed the center median into the northbound lanes, striking the driver’s side of a VW Jetta. The Jetta was shoved backward off the road while the Impala flipped once, landing on its roof.”

According to police, the driver of the Impala and the passenger of the Jetta both died. They were not wearing restraining devices. Alcohol consumption and speeding may be determinants as to why the collision occurred.

61-Year-Old Pedestrian Killed in Fatal Crash

Dennis D. Eastom died when he attempted to cross the street when the light was green for drivers. The investigation determined that one of the drivers on the road was able to avoid the person by swerving, while another driver was unable to avoid crashing.

Currently, no charges have been made, and the driver who hit Eastom was not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The Search for Motorist Who Caused Crash

The search for a man involved in a motorcycle crash continues. A man driving a white truck collided with a motorcycle on the intersection when trying to make a left turn. The accident occurred on N. Academy and Bijou. The driver of the motorcycle suffered injuries.

If you know any information regarding the accident, contact law enforcement immediately.

Stolen Car Results in Crash

Police officers were dispatched for an accident involving a stolen car. The man ran and broke into a residential home to hide from law enforcement. The incident involved a SWAT team and the suspect was placed into custody.

Pedestrian Killed Outside Designated Crosswalk Lines

A pedestrian was killed by a driver on N. Academy while walking outside the crosswalk perimeters. The driver didn’t leave the accident scene. According to  KKTV, “The death marked the second traffic fatality near this intersection in six months.”

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