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Colorado Vehicle Accident Report: January 2019

Throughout the month of January, Colorado residents experienced multiple collisions. Motor vehicle accidents have caused heartbreak and sorrow for many families due to life-changing injuries and/or the death of loved ones. In order to bring awareness of the dangers of driving to our community, we believe it’s important to share some of the accidents that recently occurred.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident and suffered injuries, our Colorado car accident attorneys can help. At Heuser & Heuser LLP, we believe in fighting for the legal rights of injured people.

The legal system can be difficult to handle without the advice of an experienced attorney, which is why you should seek the counsel of a lawyer immediately following an accident. We encourage you to continue reading for our January accident report.

Recklessness and Alcohol Led to Devastating Crash

A head-on collision at Palmer Park and North Academy Boulevard killed one person. Lt. Howard Black with Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) stated, “Our witnesses are telling us that vehicle no. 1 was traveling westbound on Palmer Park, running red lights as he continued to move westbound.”

Sources say that after colliding head-on with another vehicle, vehicle no. 1 spun into a nearby gas station parking lot, killing the passenger. The driver of the other vehicle suffered no serious injuries. According to Black, alcohol and recklessness are major factors in the case.

Pedestrian Killed While Crossing N. Academy Boulevard

A man was killed on N. Academy Boulevard at Austin Bluffs Parkway when he tried crossing the road, however, there was no crosswalk. The driver cooperated with law enforcement and stayed at the scene of the collision.

A Man is Charged with DUI and Vehicular Assault Charges

Damian Arroyo, 29-years-old, is facing DUI and vehicular assault charges. The vehicle Arroyo was driving “went straight over the median at a roundabout on N. Union, then struck a tree, causing it to roll over before tilting back up after hitting a curb,” according to KRDO News.

The vehicle had one passenger who suffered injuries. Police believe that Arroyo was drunk and speeding when the accident occurred.

Rollover Crash Killed 62-Year-Old Woman

Patricia A. Jaron, 62-years-old, was killed when her vehicle rolled off the highway. Jaron was traveling on Colorado 127 when she drove off the road. According to The Gazette, Jaron’s “car spun back across both lanes, slid 68 feet off the left side of the road into deep snow and rolled.”

Jaron died at the scene.

Motorcyclist Died Due to Speeding

A motorcyclist died after a wreck by Constitution Road and Norwood Avenue. The driver of the motorcycle was speeding down the road when a truck pulled out in front of him.

The motorcyclist died at the scene, however, the truck driver did not sustain injuries.

Let Us Fight for Your Legal Rights

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In most cases, people are not fully aware of the rights they have after an accident. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to the negligent actions of another motorist, you may be eligible to receive compensation. In order to determine what legal options are available, our Colorado car accident attorneys will need to review the circumstances of your case.

Every car accident case is different, and various components are taken into consideration when determining if compensation is available. If you were in an automobile accident, call our law firm today at (719) 520-9909 or fill out our free consultation form.