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Colorado Vehicle Accident Report: February 2019

During the month of February, Colorado Springs experienced multiple accidents on the roadways. In some cases, the accidents were minor, while others resulted in critical injuries or death.

If you or someone you know has sustained life-changing injuries caused by a motorist who acted negligently, you may be entitled to obtain compensation for what you experienced. At Heuser & Heuser, our team of Colorado Springs car accident attorneys can help you with your claim. Automobile accidents are often stressful and time-consuming. Additionally, this type of case involves various details that must be reviewed to determine what legal options are available.

By informing the community of the most recent accidents in our state, our team of dedicated lawyers hopes that people will use extra caution when behind the wheel of their motor vehicle.

Three-Vehicle Crash on I-25 Closed Highway

An accident on I-25 killed Lucas Huffman, 33-years-old, of Colorado Springs. Huffman was driving a Honda CRV when a 2014 Volkswagen Passat rear-ended his vehicle and caused him to drive into the median and oncoming traffic.

He hit a sedan and was ejected from his vehicle. All of the drivers were wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Huffman died at the scene and the driver of the sedan suffered minor injuries.

Construction Site Accident Killed One and Left Two Injured

An accident that occurred on a construction site around Ridge Road and West Pikes Peak Avenue killed one person and injured two.

According to KKTV 11, “Police say the driver was traveling southbound and crashed through a barricade that stated Ridge Road was closed. Construction workers had just cleared that area five minutes prior.” Joseph Quinones was riding in the back seat of the vehicle when the driver crashed into the crane. He later died due to his injuries.

Two others were also injured in the accident, including the driver.

Failure to Use Headlights Caused Car Crash That Injured Two

Two people were arrested in Colorado Springs after their failure to use headlights resulted in a car crash. The accident occurred at the intersection of North Academy Boulevard and York Road/Brookwood Drive.

Michael Cook and Bryana Rice were traveling in a Ford sedan with their headlights turned off when they hit an SUV at the intersection, which caused the SUV to turn on its side. Both Cook and Rice suffered injuries.

Driver Rescued by Good Samaritans After Accident

A 28-year-old woman, driving a 2004 GMC Envoy SUV, was traveling near North Carefree Circle and Scenic Circle when she was involved in an accident. According to KKTV 11, she drifted off the road and hit a curb, which caused her vehicle to roll and hit a parked truck. The woman was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and “was partially ejected out of the passenger side window of her SUV.”

Witnesses reported that the vehicle appeared to have landed on the driver’s head. Several good Samaritans lifted the vehicle off of the woman and provided aid until help arrived. She was taken to a hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

Speed and alcohol are believed to be factors in the accident. The driver received a misdemeanor traffic citation.

Ambulance Responding to a Call Was Involved in an Accident

An accident on Flintridge and North Academy involved an ambulance and two other vehicles. According to KKTV 11, “A silver car reportedly slowed down and pulled in front of the ambulance while the ambulance was responding to a call with lights and sirens.” After the two vehicles crashed, another vehicle was hit. However, no serious injuries occurred. The accident is under investigation.

Lawyer Signing A Legal Document In His Office

Know Your Legal Rights After a Collision

At Heuser & Heuser, we understand the various challenges injured people may face after a car wreck. Insurance adjusters may attempt to offer a low-ball settlement initially that might not be equivalent to the injuries and damages you endured.

Every personal injury claim is different, and our Colorado Springs car accident attorneys will need to review the details of your case to inform you of your legal options. If you have the grounds to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for injuries and property damage, we can handle the insurance company and gather the necessary information to build a strong case.

Compensation may help cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. However, time is sensitive in these cases, so it’s imperative to contact a lawyer immediately after an accident has occurred.

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