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Get to Know Our Newest Attorney

Heuser and Heuser, L.L.P. is pleased to welcome the newest attorney to join our firm, Mr. Brennan Heuser. Brennan truly embodies the values we stand for as a firm, and we are proud to have him as part of the team. As he settles in, we want to take this opportunity to introduce him to our Colorado Springs community.

A Hero, at Home and Abroad

Brennan may have been born and raised in Colorado, but he also spent a large part of his life on the other side of the globe. As a PSYOP Sergeant in the US Army deployed to both Afghanistan and Pakistan, he quickly learned that he had a strong desire to help those who need it most. His work required sharp analytical skills, persuasion of others during tense disagreements, and a deep understanding of people in a variety of unfortunate situations — the same qualities he brings to his legal practice today.

After spending half a decade serving his country and then working for the US State Department, he returned to Colorado and completed the education he’d been working towards since before deployment. At the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law where he received his JD, he served disabled, homeless, and low-income veterans by providing them with free legal services through the Veterans Advocacy Project.

Fighting for What’s Right

One of Brennan’s proudest and most fulfilling moments, both in the legal profession and in his personal life, came just last year during the 2021 U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan.

When Mohammad Afzal Afzali, an Afghan who had been a long-time advisor to US forces and who Brennan had worked with during deployment, was desperately trying to escape the Taliban forces in Kabul, Brennan stepped in. He knew that Afzali and his family were in serious danger, so he began communications with US officials that facilitated their escape. 

Though they met many challenges on their journey, Afzali, his wife, and their children were able to make it safely out of the country. Along the way, they were even able to assist in the escape of a group of four lone children whose mother was already in the US.

The Perfect Fit

There is no doubt that Brennan is a fierce advocate for justice at Heuser & Heuser. Both his lived experiences and his faith-based service show that he isn’t afraid to fight hard and take risks to do what is right. We hope that everyone gets the chance to know him as we have, whether it’s in our office or over a local craft brew. For more information on Brennan’s qualifications and interests, you can view his bio here.