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Vehicle Rollovers

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Colorado Springs Vehicle Rollover Accident Lawyer

Some types of vehicles are more prone to rollover crashes than others. This is usually because of the way these vehicles were designed. A driver swerving sharply to avoid something in the road has a greater risk of rolling over in vehicles with a higher center of gravity and/or a narrow wheel base. Rollovers often occur if a driver drifts partway off the road and then corrects the car’s direction too much or too quickly.

Rollover crashes are most prevalent in sport utility vehicles, minivans and trucks. Drivers of those vehicles face deadly risks as injuries in rollover accidents tend to be more severe than other auto accidents. Even safety features in the vehicle prove less effective when it rolls over after the accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that more than 10,000 people are killed each year as the result of more than 280,000 rollover accidents.

The families are left to grapple with the shock, sorrow and uncertainty of life without a son or father or other loved one.

Gordon and Barkley Heuser have been helping families like that in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the Arkansas Valley, Pikes Peak and elsewhere on the Front Range for more than 30 years. Together with our experienced and friendly staff, we recover millions of dollars in settlements every year. We’re well-equipped to handle even the most serious cases, including:

What To Do After a Rollover Accident

First of all, make sure you receive proper medical attention. Even if you seem to have escaped the crash with only minor injuries, you need to consult a doctor to rule out internal damage. Internal injuries may not become apparent for days and by then complications can be much more severe.

In addition, the longer your delay between the rollover wreck and a medical assessment of your injuries, the greater the chance that the insurance company will claim your injuries were not as a result of the accident, but some other incident that happened between the wreck and your examination.

Secondly, do not say anything or sign anything with the insurance company before you have spoken with your attorney. Insurance adjusters will try anything to manipulate a low settlement, including trying to take a statement from you at the accident site while you may still be in shock, or calling you at home shortly after the accident. To protect yourself, learn more about insurance adjusters’ tactics.

Let Your Attorney Speak For You

The Heuser brothers will take care of all of the hassles for you. We will deal with the insurance company, gather all the necessary reports, help you deal with all your medical bills, and help you get through this. That way, you can work on getting better and getting your life back to normal.

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