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If you’ve been in an accident involving a big commercial truck, you understand the destruction a truck can cause. Nearly 130,000 people suffer from truck accident injuries each year, according to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These injuries are often more severe and more likely to be fatal than in accidents with passenger automobiles. If you were injured in an accident with a big truck and have suffered injuries, you may deserve compensation for your losses from the accident. When someone else is at fault for an accident that has left you injured, with financial loss, and emotionally damaged, then you have a legal right to compensation. Seeking this compensation can be complicated, especially when a big truck is involved. You may know you deserve a settlement for your losses, but don’t know where to turn. Attorney Gorden Heuser and the Heuser & Heuser LLP truck accident team are here for you! Read more about how we can help your truck accident case:

Attorney Gordon Heuser:

Big commercial trucks can cause big injuries, so whether you’re hurt by a box truck, a garbage truck, or any kind of commercial truck, you may have a big case worth big money. But these big companies don’t give that money up without a fight. That’s why you need to call me. I’ll fight for you to maximize the value of your big truck case. I’m attorney Gordon Heuser. If you’ve been hurt by a big truck, call me. I’m on top of it!

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Hurt by a big truck? Call Heuser & Heuser LLP.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve, and don’t go through this difficult time alone! You deserve a truck accident attorney team behind you to support you and ensure that you have the best chance at your maximum possible compensation. Our Heuser & Heuser team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We make it easy for you to seek the compensation you deserve for your losses. Get started today with a free case review! If our team of experienced truck accident lawyers sees that you have a case, we’ll take the rest from there so you can focus on moving forward. We’re on top of it!