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What To Look For Before Choosing An Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

So, you’ve been in an accident. Now what? The flashers have been turned off, insurance information has been exchanged. The witness statements have been taken and the police have left. The gawkers and rubber-neckers have cleared out and the cars are off the road. The accident is over—or is it?

The paperwork has been filed. The visits to the doctor are ongoing. Your boss is asking when you can come back to work. The company insists it wasn’t their fault, but that they are looking out for you.

Whether it is a car accident or an injury at work, the days and weeks following an accident are scary and can be frustrating, especially if you were hurt or suffered significant monetary loss. Many people in this situation just react, dealing with each issue that pops up without making a plan.

Hopefully you aren’t in this situation, but with winding roads and snowy winters, car accidents in Colorado Springs happen. As home to numerous major companies, in fields ranging from aerospace to construction, Colorado Springs has a working population of almost 300,000 people. Chances are, you may find yourself in an accident at some point in your life.

Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

You certainly have the legal right to file a claim with an insurance company by yourself and might choose this path if you have experience and time to research the process. If, however, you are unexperienced with legal matters dealing with insurance companies, suffered significant loss of money, or have been seriously injured, this is most likely not the route for you. Keep in mind, the big insurance companies go through this sort of thing all the time—and have the team of legal experts on hand to protect their interests.

The insurance company’s team of lawyers knows the jargon, understands the law and has the experience to reduce the amount of compensation awarded to you—or even deny your claim all together. If you’ve spent a significant time away from work, have expensive medical bills piling up, or suffered injury, hiring a personal injury lawyer is a smart move. Personal injury attorneys do this for a living—they know how to reach a settlement, including alternative paths you might never think of. If the insurance company gets a team of experts, don’t you want your own?

How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are well over one hundred personal injury law firms in Colorado Springs. How in the world are you supposed to find one to represent you? Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is important; the U.S. Federal Trade Commission recommends keeping some things in mind when you start looking for a firm and, ultimately, your prospective representation:

  1. Find a lawyer with a good record settling personal injury cases, especially those similar to yours. You can get recommendations from co-workers, family, neighbors or friends. Ask them who they have worked with; about good and bad experiences. You can also contact the Colorado Bar Association.
  2. Interview several lawyers! Most personal injury lawyers will allow you to come in for a consultation free of charge. Talk to several lawyers about your case before you select the one that will represent you.
  3. When interviewing lawyers, make sure they explain things to you in a way that makes sense to you. Ask questions. Ensure the lawyer speaks in terms that you understand. Get all fees, costs and expectations in writing before you make any sort of commitment.
  4. At the end of the day, pick a lawyer that you can be 100% honest with. It is important that you can share all important details with your lawyer. Don’t settle for the first lawyer or a lawyer that gives you a bad “vibe.” Take the time to select someone with whom you feel safe and that you believe will represent your interests.

Hopefully you’re not in need of a personal injury lawyer but, if you are, consider interviewing the personal injury attorneys at Heuser Law.