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Does Having Nerve Damage Make Me Eligible For Workers’ Compensation in Colorado Springs?

Nerve damage can be exceptionally serious, and it’s far more common than people realize. Almost any injury can result in nerve damage, and when it does it can take weeks, months or even years to heal. In some cases, it never quite heals.

When this kind of injury happens through work, many people wonder if workers’ compensation will cover the bills and recuperation. Learn about the kinds of injuries that cause nerve damage, how workers’ compensation comes into the picture, and how a workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Work Injuries and Nerve Damage

There are a variety of injuries that can cause damage to the nerves. Repetitive action injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can involve nerve damage. Blunt trauma like a slip and fall accident, cuts, muscle strains, tears, and bruises can also result in nerve damage.

In fact, bruises, tearing and stretching of nerves can be the most serious kinds of damage, which can end up in paralysis or serious mobility and strength issues. Regardless of the type of injury, however, nerve damage is nothing to take lightly, and treatment can be rather expensive.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

There is, however, good news for those who suffer such an injury in the course of their job. Workers’ compensation does cover these kinds of injuries. Every state has its own laws and regulations but in general, there are a number of ongoing benefits to which you’re entitled.

These include compensation for lost wages, payment of bills involved with medical visits and any needed rehabilitation, and additional benefits should the injury result in permanent disability.

What You Can’t Do

Unfortunately, while workers’ compensation will provide a number of benefits that enable you to work on your recovery and recoup some of your lost wages, what you can collect is limited. You can’t, for example, collect pain and suffering for your injuries or get compensated for future lost potential or loss of relationships. You also cannot sue your employer for these or greater damages. Workers’ compensation only covers the actual injuries you suffer and the issues directly related to those injuries.

Denial of Coverage

In some cases, injured parties find that they have been denied coverage under workers’ compensation. When such a claim is challenged, it can be very difficult to seek compensation. In these cases, you have to file a challenge to the denial, which generally means proving that your condition is severe enough to warrant more coverage, and it can be tricky to do so on your own.

Contact a Colorado Springs Workers’ Comp Attorney

When you are facing a denial of all or part of your workers’ comp coverage, you should immediately talk to a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation attorney in these matters. An attorney knows how to make sure that you take the right steps at the right times, and knows how to fight these denials and gather the evidence you need to prove that further coverage is vital.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and you live in Colorado, we are ready to help. Contact Heuser & Heuser, LLP attorneys today for a case evaluation and more information.