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What You Need To Know To Drive Safely Through The Snow in Pueblo, CO

The winter months are some of the most dangerous months out there when it comes to driving. Unfortunately, during winter there are more cars on the road than most other times of the year. The winter months are the holiday season, and everyone is heading out with the family to visit friends and relatives and to engage in seasonal festivities.

It’s important if you’re going to be behind the wheel of a car, to understand the steps you need to take in order to stay safe during the winter months. Learn these tips for driving safely through the snow, and how a Pueblo car accident lawyer can help if you’re hurt in a car accident.

Take It Slow

The first and most important tip for safe driving in the snow is to simply take it slow. Speed limits on roadways assume ideal driving conditions. When you’re driving in the snow, you need to go slow and easy. Remember, it’s far better to get somewhere late than never to get there at all!

Brake and Accelerate Easy

Associated with taking it slow is the means by which you brake, accelerate and maneuver. Your car will not have as much traction in the snow and ice, which means it doesn’t accelerate as confidently, it doesn’t brake as rapidly, and it doesn’t handle as easily. If you normally need 30 feet to come to a stop at a given speed, give yourself 90 feet in snowy and icy conditions. Likewise, assume your turns will swing wider.

When it comes to accelerating, take it easy and slow as well. Trying to accelerate fast will only cause your tires to spin, which results in you losing control of the vehicle.

Navigating Hills

When you’re going downhill, the best way to handle things depends on the kind of brakes you have. If you’ve got a modern vehicle with anti-lock brakes, slowly push the pedal to the floor and let it work. The brakes will pump themselves. You’ll feel a pulsing sensation below your foot; this is perfectly normal and is the car compensating for the slippage. If you don’t have ABS on your vehicle, pump your brakes gently but quickly. Placing your car in neutral can keep it from sliding due to torque.

When going uphill, even if you feel the car start to slip, don’t take your foot off the gas. You needn’t necessarily give it more gas, but the moment you lift up your foot, you’ve lost the traction you had. Also, place your car into a lower gear, which will give it more torque and traction on slippery surfaces.

Pueblo Car Accident Lawyer

No matter how careful or responsible you are behind the wheel, the negligence of other drivers can sometimes still cause accidents. If this happens to you, then you deserve compensation for the damages and injuries you suffer. To make sure you get the maximum award allowable under the law, call on the services of an experienced Pueblo car accident lawyer.

A qualified car accident attorney will stand up for your rights, challenge insurance company efforts to avoid payment and get justice for the injuries you’ve suffered. If this happens to you this holiday season, contact the car accident attorneys at Heuser & Heuser for a free case evaluation and consultation.