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Steps You Should Take After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts

When you’re in a motorcycle accident and it isn’t your fault, you deserve to get compensated to cover the damage you’ve suffered both in terms of physical injuries and in terms of the damage to your quality of life and relationships. However, not every accident is the fault of another driver. What happens if your motorcycle fails for some reason? Perhaps it’s bad brakes, an unforeseen blowout, a loose wheel or even a bike that’s unstable at high speeds.

These kinds of accidents are covered in terms of product liability cases, and the manufacturer of the motorcycle or the defective parts can be held responsible. Learn about what happens when your motorcycle accident is caused by a defect and why you need a motorcycle accident lawyer’s help in pursuing the case.

Defective Manufacture Cases

Sometimes, the problem may exist because a motorcycle is well-designed and generally well-manufactured, but there’s a critical flaw in one or more components. Perhaps a brake hose is unreasonably weak and prone to breaking. Perhaps there’s a problem with the wheels and they have a high chance of coming loose. Whatever the reason, if a part is faulty, the manufacturer could be responsible for paying for the injuries you suffer when that part fails.

Defective Design Cases

Sometimes a motorcycle is manufactured properly exactly as intended but there’s a core flaw in the design. This has happened on occasion, where for example motorcycles become notoriously unstable and tend to wobble at high speeds, which can cause riders to spill over and get hurt. In these cases, a defective design suit follows wherein the motorcycle company can be held responsible.

Seeking Damages

When you get hurt in a motorcycle accident you can be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and treatment, your lost past wages and potential future earnings, your lost relationships, damage to your quality of life, emotional turmoil and pain and suffering. However, you’ll need to prove fault for the accident.

Product liability cases like these can be very tricky and require specific actions to pursue them. The first step is to track everything that’s happened to you. Take detailed notes about your accident. Anything you can remember — the circumstances, the weather conditions, any conversations you have, the time and date — the more details you can remember, the better.

Take photos and record any evidence. Track all of your medical bills and treatment. The more information you’ve got, the better able you’ll be to pursue a case.

Calling a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Because these cases can get exceptionally complicated involving who to hold responsible and how to prove your case, you need the most experienced help you can get. Insurance companies and the lawyers for the manufacturers are going to fight hard to disprove your case. For many years, the personal injury attorneys at Heuser & Heuser, LLP, have fought to protect people just like you and get compensation for serious injuries. If you’re in a case like this, don’t try to tackle it alone.

Call on a motorcycle accident lawyer from Heuser & Heuser for a discussion regarding your case and to get help today.