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A terrible accident that occurred outside of Fort Collins left a community mourning and wondering what exactly happened. It would be up to investigators and the Larimer County Coroner’s Office to determine. It seems like they have found their answers, but those answers are almost as troubling as the accident itself.

A teenager was seen walking along a set of railroad tracks last week. Shortly after she was spotted, tragedy struck and the 16-year-old was hit by an oncoming train. So many questions followed, but the biggest one, the one that everyone wanted answered, is how did the teen not notice the approaching train?

According to the witnesses that saw her walking before she was killed, the teen was using a small mobile device. This device likely distracted her from the train’s warnings and kept her in harm’s way.  It’s a tragic reminder of how important it is to be mindful as a pedestrian, especially around traffic and railroads.

Ultimately, the death was ruled accidental. The railroad company or the train’s engineer won’t be held responsible. As accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that even knowing exactly what happened won’t take away the heartbreak that the young woman’s family must be feeling.

Hopefully, the incident can be used as a moment of education. Mobile devices have become serious distractions, especially for young people. We need to make sure our children know when to use these devices and when to put them down.

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