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It’s hard enough to pull a trailer behind a truck when the weather is nice. You can imagine it’s that much more difficult to pull one in the snow and ice.  As truck accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we want drivers to be extra cautious when pulling trailers because when they cause accidents they affect more than just themselves.

Recently a man was traveling down Interstate 25 when he lost control of his trailer and slammed into four other vehicles including a police cruiser and tow truck. It occurred just north of Cimmaron Street where three police officers were investigating a separate wreck. They were side-swiped by the out of control truck and trailer. Then, the trailer jackknifed and blocked all lanes of I-25 south. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. The driver will still be facing reckless driving charges, however, because he was driving too fast for conditions.

We know that you can’t always travel light and sometimes need to haul something with a trailer. Here are some tips on how to stay safe, but keep in mind, pulling a trailer while roads are icy is never a good idea in the first place.

  • Remember that a trailer adds additional weight which means more time to speed up as well as slow down.
  • Allow extra time for braking, switching lanes, and passing.
  • Use trailer brakes to assist in slowing down.
  • Swing wide around turns and corners because of the additional length of the trailer.
  • Tow at moderate speeds to help conserve fuel by cutting back on wind resistance.
  • Watch for potholes and bumps that can damage your hitch and potentially release your trailer.
  • If a gust of wind makes your trailer sway, reduce your speed gradually, steady the wheel, and apply trailer brakes.

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